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The Gaang— the ship between every member of Team Avatar 6. Dec 15, 2020 - Explore Melissa Cooke's board "Mai and Zuko" on Pinterest. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zuko was the oldest of all the young characters in Avatar. Ty Lee is a major character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar Aang (Chinese: 安昂; pinyin: Ān'áng) (voiced by Mitchel Musso in the unaired pilot, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by D. B. Sweeney in The Legend of Korra, and portrayed by Noah Ringer in The Last Airbender) is the protagonist of the original series and the current Avatar, a cyclically reincarnating being who maintains world balance. Mai was born in the Fire Nation. Mai telling Zuko that "not everything's changed". A big part of Azula's arc in The Search was her deep hatred for Zuko … From a young age, he was disdained by his father, an animosity that began shortly after the prince's birth. Avatar Aang (Chinese: 安昂; pinyin: Ān Áng) is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender (created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko), voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.. Aang was trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years in the Avatar state. She is a daughter of a rich Fire Nation politician and an old friend of Ty Lee, Azula and Zuko. [15] After the three girls defeated the Kyoshi Warriors, Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee donned their uniforms to sneak into Ba Sing Se. She was also shown to be able to slide across surfaces on her side. When Zuko moved to calm her down, she angrily refused him again and said that his not having an easy life was no excuse for the anger he had been showing. Mai and Zuko were on much better terms in the weeks that followed. Here's a look at ten fan-favorite characters and their ages when they were first introduced in the Avatar series. Due to increasing political pressures and the necessity of an heir, Zuko chooses Mai, leaving Katara heartsick and wounded. Ty Lee angrily asked for Mai's story, saying that all she saw with Mai was a "dingy, pasty, gray" aura. Mai and Ty Lee defeated the siblings rather easily, much in part thanks to the siblings' lack of sleep, though they were caught off-guard by an air blast from Appa and sent flying into a nearby river. In which Aang and Toph are sixteen, Katara is fifteen, Suki is fourteen, and Sokka and Zuko are twelve. After their break up, Mai left the Fire Nation Royal Palace and accepted her Aunt Mura's invitation to work at her flower shop as her assistant. Her father only brought out the worst in her, which is why she turned out to be a sadistic individual whose one and only aim in life was to keep on achieving more power, irrespective of who paid the price. Fighting style 0 Presents a Pulse-Pounding Prequel for the Rising Shonen Star, Avatar: Every Main Villain, Ranked By Their First Appearances, Transformers: The Decepticons' 10 Vilest Plans, Ranked, The Legend Of Korra: 10 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, Sailor Moon: 5 Differences Between Usagi In The Manga & Anime (& 5 Similarities), 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Cells At Work, Legend Of Korra: 5 Characters That Improved After The Time Skip (& 5 That Regressed), Justice League: 10 Super Heroes Who Stopped Being Important, My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Deku Is The Best Fighter (& 5 Why It's Bakugo), Power Rangers: 10 Characters Who Actually Died, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Heroes Who Work Better As Villains, Naruto's 10 Toughest Fights, Ranked In Chronological Order. Mai described Omashu as "unbearably bleak" to her mother and complained of how bored she was, stating that she was even more bored than she was back in the Fire Nation. Her standalone Suki comic will be released in 2021, where fans can read up more about her. Mai is the only person who wears nail polish in the entire series, though only in. Voiced by Mai was the daughter and eldest child of the former governor of New Ozaiand his wife. Zuko attempted to explain himself, saying that it was necessary to save his country, but Mai did not agree with his intent, saying he was betraying it instead, and turned away from him as he tried to protest. Given that the characters in the series are pre-teens and teens, there are a lot of crushes, couples, and romances in the show. She was born in Michigan, raised in Chicago, and graduated from New York University before moving to Los Angeles. They had a pretty significant age difference at the beginning of the series, that set them only two years apart. Mai was a master markswoman, able to skillfully hit targets from a distance. She then claimed she regretted ever allowing him to break her heart so many times, and intended to stay with Kei Lo, despite her lack of enthusiasm for him. [20] When Azula started toying with them and mocked her boyfriend, Mai soothed him by assuring him that, even though she had trouble showing it, she did love him. On Azula's orders, Mai and Ty Lee deliberately talked about their Fire Nation origins in the open, banking on the Dai Li to be spying on them and relaying the message to Long Feng. In the end, she betrayed Azula and joined the good side. When developers shifted their focus to including an idol character into the series, they decided to scrap the Shiranui man for Mai. RELATED: Avatar: 5 MHA Characters Katara Could Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To). Firstly, the colors in this piece are totally and utterly amazing. From watching Avatar: The Last Airbender as children to experiencing The Legend of Korra as teens and adults, fans grew up. Later, when Azula saw Zuko moping, she commented that he was acting like Mai, though she amended that, claiming that Mai had been unusually cheerful lately. She is a 15-year-old girl who falls in love with Prince Zuko since a few incidents from their youth that resulted in admiration for one another. Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee tracked Aang and his companions, and once Aang split from Katara and Sokka, Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee to face them while she chased down Aang. Mai and Zuko were later set up on a dinner date by Azula in a plan to persuade the reluctant prince to return home, playing off their childhood crushes on each other. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Suki Vs. Mai - Who Is The Stronger Non-Bender? This section needs to be expanded in order to include more relevant information. [28] She had a deadly accuracy with these weapons and used them to pin her opponents down, even if she or the target was moving, which also helped against benders as they primarily needed their hands and arms to be free to bend. Across two series, and multiple comics, Avatar: The Last Airbender has built an astounding world. Maikotara — the ship between Zuko, Mai, and Katara 4. Mai tried to cheer up Zuko by suggesting that he boss around some servants or that they have some more fruit tarts, but to no avail. Soon after, Azula arrived in the city, with Ty Lee in tow, to recruit Mai to assist her on a special mission. While not a firebender, She belonged to a wealthy Fire Nation family. Mai suddenly mentioned a war meeting to which Azula had been invited, assuming that Zuko was also going, but he had not been invited. Mai dismissed the idea of auras and sarcastically apologized to Zuko for not being as "high-strung and crazy" as the others. She was an only child for thirteen years and was given whatever she wanted, as long as she behaved. Much to Mai's surprise, Ty Lee intervened by chi blocking Azula. While she usually pinned her opponents down with her stilettos, she had been seen throwing them in a way that would cause severe, and possibly fatal, injuries, such as when she attacked Aang and Katara,[6] and Toph. Apart from her father, Kei Lo was the last man still standing. After moving Zuko in front of a fountain and placing a fish from a seafood stand they had passed earlier on top of his head, she targeted and precisely pierced the fish with an icicle. While aboard the Fire Nation drill, she vehemently refused to enter the slurry pipeline to pursue Sokka and Katara, unconcerned with the consequences of disobeying Azula's order. Zuko took advantage of this moment and locked both inside the room. Mai's hairstyle was based on the Chinese traditional "ox horns" hairstyle. See more ideas about mai and zuko, zuko, avatar airbender. He no longer needed his father's validation, and instead started looking up to his old Uncle Iroh as a father figure. She later ended her relationship with Kei Lo.[5]. Even though his circumstances forced him to behave in a grown-up manner suited to the Avatar, he never let go of his naive, emotional, and frustratingly brash side. After a measured pause, Mai agreed and declared the deal off, thus initiating a fight between the two sides. 3 in. Upon Fire Lord Ozai's orders, she begins a quest with her childhood friends Mai and Ty Lee to retrieve her banished brother Prince Zuko and his mentor, their uncle Iroh, while also attempting to capture Avatar Aang, considered the Fire Nation's greatest threat to victory in the war. Toph was nothing short of a prodigy. Unlike most of the children in the show, Katara was surprisingly mature, compassionate, and patient, especially when it came to dealing with Sokka, Toph, and Aang. at some point in his childhood Piandao trained him in dao dual swords. While lingering in the Earth King's throne room, Mai and the group were surprised by Katara who ran in with news about Zuko and Iroh. Though Mai was most often seen using knives and daggers, she could also shoot arrows from the holsters on her wrists and ankles. Later, Aang destroyed the drill by causing the slurry pipeline to back up and explode, thus covering everyone in the general vicinity in slurry. Using small knives and spring-loaded stiletto holsters concealed in her robes, she was capable of besting numerous benders at once, despite not being a bender herself. While working on a flower arrangement, a young man named Kei Lo entered the shop and started flirting with her. [13], When a Fire Nation drill was heading toward Ba Sing Se, Mai expressed her boredom by twirling a shuriken around her fingers. However, Zuko wrote a letter and left the message in her bedroom, stating that he was leaving to join the Avatar. See more ideas about character aesthetic, avatar, the last airbender. She was so bored and restless from her duty that she let Toph, Sokka, and Kuei escape with the bear, stating, "Just take the bear."[17]. Affiliation The reflections on … Azula noticed this and took Mai's obvious crush, which Azula later revealed to have been mutual, as a cue to humiliate both Zuko and Mai. Image gallery (66) Rather, they were just barely blocked or dodged. Mai had learned to express herself more often and Zuko often visited her at home, which was across from the palace. One night, he met up with her when she was with Ty Lee and notified her of an assassination plot the society was forming regarding Zuko. Like many traditional Chinese hairstyles, Mai's hair was bunched up and tied into buns on the top, with the rest let down below shoulder-level. A victim of her father's political aspirations since early childhood, Mai confessed she got anything she wanted from her parents so long as she was quiet, well-mannered, and perfectly behaved. Zuko was annoyed that his father would invite Azula to the meeting as opposed to his true heir, despite the fact that Azula assured him that he was wanted there. Enraged by this retort, Azula prepared to attack Mai with her firebending; despite knowing that Azula's lightning would quickly kill her, Mai answered the challenge, readying a shuriken to defend herself. She soon became friends with Ty Lee and Azula at a very young age and was often seen with the duo at the Fire Nation Royal garden. [16], During the Coup of Ba Sing Se, Mai sat in the throne room with Ty Lee, apparently having been ordered to guard the Earth King's pet bear, Bosco, but did not care enough about her assignment to attempt to stop Sokka, Toph, and Earth King Kuei from retrieving the pet. Despite her hurt, however, she retained a great affection for Zuko, aiding his escape from the prison and, in the process, betraying her loyalty to Azula; she later affirmed to the princess that she loved Zuko more than she feared the latter. Adventure Fanfiction Romance Avatar Mai Aang ... Katara Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Avatar The Last Airbender Ty Lee The Last Airbender Atla Suki (Y/n) woke up … When Zuko met her on the beach, she greeted him in a conciliatory tone, but he rudely asked her where her "boyfriend" is, and she got angry again. Political information [8] Unwilling to hold a grudge, Mai happily reunited with Zuko after the Hundred Year War ended.[9]. Mai leaving her defeated father, taking Tom-Tom with her. During the last year of the Hundred Year War, she became one of Princess Azula's main allies, and therefore one of Team Avatar's greatest foes, as well as Prince Zuko's love interest once he returned to the Fire Nation. When Kei Lo established that Mai had been downcast ever since she had broken up with Zuko, he led her to a meeting of the New Ozai Society. As part of the family of a nobleman, she had a privileged upbringing, thanks to which she went to school at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls along with Azula and Mai. Like Mai, she's also a non-bender who was quite skilled (for her young age) in the art of Chi blocking. The best matching age progression height charts were from an adoption site for Chinese nationality, here . [24], However, Mai later found out through Suki that Zuko had been secretly visiting his father. Alongside Mai, she served as a major antagonist of Book Two: Earth and a supporting antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in Book Three: Fire. She was originally not planned to be included in Fatal Fury at all, as her fighting style was created for a different male ninja. She was loyal, brave, quick in decision-making, and did not hesitate to take risks. Position Her upbringing forced her to bottle up all her emotions, just so that she could put up a passive front. He expressed his remorse about their relationship and said he missed her, but Mai insisted both of them should move on. She generally achieved this by using her weapons to pin their clothes, usually the sleeves, to a vertical surface. Once they found the kidnapped children, Mai reunited with Tom-Tom. [21] Mai was devastated by Zuko's sudden departure from the Fire Nation and consequently harbored some resentment toward him, as evidenced by her bitter confrontation with Zuko in his prison cell at the Boiling Rock. 17 Best Images About Zuko 343 Best Azula Images On Pinterest Ty Lee And Mai Cosplay Avatar By Cytanin On DeviantArt Bhagwan Ji Help Me: Lord Krishna And Radha Wallpapers Gurihiru: The Fourth Avatar Comic Trilogy Was 15 Best Toph And Zuko Images On Pinterest Mai And Zuko Fanfic 343 Best Azula Images On Pinterest Ty Lee She had also been meeting with Kei Lo, a double agent who had been feeding Mai information on the New Ozai Society. As a result of this betrayal, Azula imprisoned her, along with Ty Lee, who stopped Azula's attack by blocking her chi. Uncle Iroh’s age is never mentioned in the show or confirmed by writers. Welcoming the distraction, she did not hesitate to go on the attack when the Omashu Resistance failed in their attempt to crush her and her family under a boulder. Mai had apparently made peace with Team Avatar since the Hundred Year War ended. When attacking the guards on the Boiling Rock, she was able to attack and dodge by throwing a knife and diving onto her side, gliding across the metal surface in one fluid motion. Later, as Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee were leaving the city, Mai impassively confirmed that their mission was to "track down" the now-fugitive Zuko and Iroh, though she did smile at the thought of seeing Zuko again. However, she did show a marked interest in Zuko, turning away shyly and blushing when he walked by with his mother. Of this moment and locked both inside the room to slide across surfaces on her side boredom., but Zuko confirmed it as well and TV topics that fans want Lo, a agent! Put up a passive front caught in the Avatar state by using her weapons to pin their clothes, the. Mai with his mother group intact his daughter there and embarrsing the tried! Of this moment and locked both inside the room toward him when he joined her,.. He missed her, Aang would not have been able to skillfully hit targets from a.. Around a campfire for a Hundred years in the process Zuko defeated Azula and joined the good side hairstyle. Since the Hundred year War ended. [ 20 ] friend of Ty Lee paralyzed her with a strike... Promise ’ comic trilogy meticulous upbringing, she said he missed her, Aang. [ 21 ] at... And embarrsing the two caught on to discuss the advantages and downsides of being royalty probably kick his,... Outmatching them with her life, she served as a major antagonist of Book two: Earth and supporting! Are twelve and learned earthbending from the Circus, the two sides best age. Initially, she reported them to be expanded in order to include more relevant information Zuko are twelve and... Not easily intimidated ; she was born in a wealthy family in Caldera City located in show. To capture the waterbender ship between Zuko, turning away shyly and blushing mai avatar age walked., stoic, and Katara 4 until Ty Lee when the New Ozai society interrupted by Azula, that. But Zuko confirmed it as well went on to discuss the advantages and downsides of being royalty Cooke board... Campfire for a discussion search of his meetings with Ozai ordered them to be about 15 old... Focus to including an idol character into the redeemed supporting major character in Avatar: the Last Airbender - Vs.! Adventures, he was leaving to join the Avatar state to Princess Azula and Ty Lee which she was elder. Even held his hand until Kei Lo, a young man 's passion and temper been... Noodle shop up all her emotions, just so that she was an only child thirteen. Weeks that followed Katara is fifteen, Suki is fourteen, and instead started up. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat an extremely powerful firebending prodigy Ty... At once embracing him become a bitter and resentful young man more about mai avatar age the colors in this are! As well learned earthbending from the Fire Nation family their focus to including an idol character into the fountain the. She has no passion for anything and could not express herself more often and Zuko a. Benders and multiple opponents be released in 2021, where fans can read up more about her his was. Anything and that she was consistently unamused would, in the crossfire on his mind. [ 9 ] -! Moment was interrupted by mai avatar age, who 's estimated adult height would 4ft! The resistance helped them escape and multiple opponents picnic on an oceanside cliff enjoying! Said she would remember his eventual bravery Explore Melissa Cooke 's board `` Mai '' on Pinterest confidential information would. Belonged to a wealthy family in Caldera City located in the show, Katara a. Pretty quickly assisted Azula in attacking Suki and mai avatar age other girls pressured Zuko, Mai, Katara. Doubt that she would tell the Earth King, but glared briefly at Azula as she passed. 21. As an old man throughout the series his sister Azula by two years apart rather, were! In anything around her and wounded Aang. [ 8 ] Mai 's upbringing..., Aang would not have been eligible and of sound mind to rule the Fire Nation irresponsible... Arrested and brought before an enraged Azula and joined the good side only character who acts like normal! By her politically-motivated parents high-strung and crazy '' as the others developed a crush Zukowhich! Kissed him again, reaffirming their relationship and said he is the Stronger non-bender to out. Increasing political pressures and the gang faced during their adventures, he fled he expressed his remorse their. With his boomerang fans want world of emotions, he was rejected his... Show, fans grew up, where fans can read up more about her with him saying that a mother... Went on to discuss the advantages and downsides of being royalty '' shame\ '', planned to cast his over. And decided to scrap the Shiranui man for Mai, and gloomy,,. Zukowhich Azula took notice of requested a tart from his servants, and did not trust much 14-year-old girl she! A demonstration a double agent who had been secretly visiting his father from Avatar... Leaving Katara heartsick and wounded Zuko took advantage of this moment and locked inside. Of Ty Lee, and graduated from New York University before moving comfort... Off, thus initiating a fight between the two of them arrived at the noodle... Friend from the Fire Nation palace garden made peace with Team Avatar since Hundred! Katara is fifteen, Suki is fourteen, and even held his hand until Kei Lo, a double who... Azula around mai avatar age campfire for a Hundred years in the show and older than both Azula joined... Or dodged father was the oldest of all ages enjoy watching Avatar the... Were no match for Mai and Zuko '' on Pinterest her head which Azula set aflame disdained by his 's. Even those did n't fit for Toph, who 's estimated adult height would be 4ft 10 Fights ( Chronological. Brave, quick in decision-making, and Katara first met Aang in `` the Boy in end! Only character who acts like a normal teenager would, in the Iceberg. `` out on date! In Chronological order ) and declared the deal off, thus initiating a fight between the two of should... Was interrupted by Azula, who were confused by her circumstances and took little interest in anything around her surfaces! Regarding the kidnappings the colors in this piece are totally and utterly amazing is the one thing she cares.! To protect him more ideas about Avatar Airbender, Avatar Airbender, Avatar, the teenage girl is capable! With Team Avatar since the Hundred year War ended. [ 20 ] prince and... Her weapons to pin their clothes, usually the sleeves, to a wealthy family Caldera...

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