heckel bassoon serial numbers

Currently, Heckel produces only one model of the bassoon, the 41i. Very dark brown color without visible rings. E/F# trill on wing joint between II/III. Used in the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet, Silver tubes. The tenon on the long joint (bass) has been reinforced. French whisper key added by Carl Sawicki. Benchmarks do not match; Red, silver plating with German bell. Used in the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood, Owned by a music schhol along with 6250 and 8519. This may have been the first intentional use of the so-called "poly-cylindrical" bore design of the Buffet clarinet. High D and E, left-hand Eb trill, French whisper key, Ab/Bb trill and tubes in all finger holes. right thumb whisper key, left thumb whisper key lock, A-bridge Ab/Bb trill, E/F mechanism, Low C#/D# mechanism, extensive work performed by Marcus/Wieler. Tone hole liners. Used in the London Symphony and in 1964 used to record Bolero with Described as a "hybrid" French/German instrument, Updated by Walter Rieger, high e-key, silver tubes, adjustable handrest. Whisper key locks for both thumbs, Heckel bassoon serial numbers are assigned when the wood for the instrument is chosen No high d or e keys. Paired with the bell and long joint of heckel 10395. the Seattle Symphony, Opera and Ballet. German system with plateau long joint. Includes high E key, all extra rollers, Ab/Bb trill key, Eb trill key. Recent keywork plating, maintained by Marcus/Wheeler in Toronto and Millard/Backun in Vancouver. Water tubes (F, E, D, C, A, G#) are silver. Water tubes by James Keyes, played professionally in Boston and Milwaukee Symphonies. Tone hole liners. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 7/2006). Serviced by Moennig. Nickelplated. Now completely service and in… Netherlands. (bass clef 2nd line B) by covering the B hole with RH middle finger, brass tennon rings and reciever for the long joint, extra lever for Divided long joint--Small piece is glued to the bell. Added high A/whisper key bridge, right-hand whisper key lock, Restored in 1997. high D key, rollers on C#/D# and F#/G#; High D and E keys; rollers on several of the right hand keys. Converted by Heckel in 1996; Water tubes by Holden McAleer, Owned by a school along with 6250 and 8625. Low E-F linkage (permanent), Ab-Bb trill (extra hole - no extra touch). Several keys added by Laslie-high d and e; alteration of fork I would stay away from Kohlerts in the later years. Company sources state that they believe that they recall that this instrument's serial number is somewhere around 14300. We are the world's leading online resource for classical music professionals and students Sections. Instrument in Brasil. High D and E key low E/F# rollers left hand whisper key lock low C extension. A very good Püchner bassoon serial number 95xx The bassoon didn't sound for the last 10 years. Used. rollers both LH and RH thumbs and pinkies. Overhauled by Moosmann. Divided long joint-small section separate, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 3/2007). Silver keys. wing joint tubes, high E. serviced by Benson Bell, used in the Calgary Philharmonic. Mechanism just above the first tone hole on the boot which enables trill from B to C# Restored by Kenmochi Bassoons Works (Japan, 12/2005). Right and left hand rollers, low C extension. Keys silver plated; modern spatulas on boot with many rollers. Instrument serviced by Tony Milone, Hans Moennig, Holden McAlleer and major extensive work by Carl Sawicki. then the "Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana" di ROMA Played professionally in Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Completely refinished and overhauled by Marvin Krantz in 2001 Used by the Principal Bassoonist of the Detroit Symphony. Eb/Db keys and right hand whisper key lock. silver ring on bell, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 2/2008). Palisander wood, originally nickel plated keywork. right-hand D-Eb trill with displaced C# key. Heckel bassoon serial numbers are not continuous. Mentioned in the James Burton Book. These bassoons were made by devoted Czech professionals who used the best wood, etc., and one from that time will have good hard wood in it, and if kept up during all the years will have all the "bugs" worked out of it. The instrument was lost in shipment by a previous owner, and the insurance company paid them for the loss. Palisander wood Gentlemans (no top metal band) model, Spring-loaded water vent on U-bend added by Martin Foster, Sydney. Previously used in the Belgian National Orchestra. High D, whisper key lock, hand rest and rollers on F-Ab, thumb Gb-Ab and Eb-Db. All original keys have been re-plated. Body lock. High D, off-set high E, rollers on F-Ab, Bb and F#. Used in in the Dallas Symphony, the Chicago Symphony, the Bergen (Norway) High D and high Eb/E-F# trill key. Instrument built for the West Deutscher Rundfunk; stamped, Used in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Restoration at Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 3/2006). Piano connection with A-octave key Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Overhauled and silver-plated in 2006 by Marcus Wieler. Original finish, silver replate overhaul and finger tubes installed in 2008 by Keith Bowen. Serial number is 1721, which is stamped on all joints except for the boot joint, the boot joint is original, the plating on... more Vintage Bundy Selmer bassoon brown with crutch and case Restored 1983. The following tables summarize the production numbers and dates for Heckel bassoons hand whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key. Current owner says "A crack in the bell was apparently repaired at the A whisper key was added by Heckel sometime in the distant past. We offer week-long trials for all of our instruments. Owned by a music school for the instrument's entire "life". the data were gathered over many years and from many sources. This instrument was previously owned and played by Alan Goodman in the LA Philharmonic. Red/orange instrument with an unusual right hand Bb key immediately above the G key on the boot joint. raised thumb Ab. Gentlemens model, High D and E; extra rollers. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Full restoration by Keith Bowen in Seattle, WA in 2000. Said to have been played in the Vienna Philharmonic. The 4 standard rollers (2 each for right and left pinky) are silver rather than plastic. Spent some time in Kiev. Maintained by James Laslie and Paul Nordby. Instrument Sales . No high d key, extra rollers for low C/D and F/Ab, silver plated keys. Not played from 2000 until 5/2003. Neck Strap attachment under left thumb attached to posts, not body. Used as model for bore dimensions by Jim Burton. Restored by Keith Bowen. If you ask them, EXCESSIVELY NICELY, about a serial number off a horn you own, they might tell you when it was made. Low A key for left thumb and left pinky. Rollers on the following keys: all right hand thumb keys; Silver plated keywork, Ab/Bb trill, D/Eb left and right hand trill, Complete restoration by Marcus; added a divided Restored to like-new condition by James Laslie in 2000. Serviced by James Keyes in 1981, 1983, 1991, and 1994. 2) All copies must contain my copyright notice and any other notices provided therein; and Recently overhauled by Tom Yaeh at RDG inc. Refinished by Heckel in 1958. with a "coupled" Ab-Bb trill, a little-finger ("french") whisper key, Thumb whisper key touch, whisper key lock (forefinger). high D key was added, Has tubes and Eb, E/F#, F/G#, Eb/C#-rollers. The bassoon has now been restored to as original as possible. In the past, Heckel offered a wide array of models of bassoons. To Top. Restored by Marvin Kranz (1993); water tubes, tuning, has much thicker walls. High D key added. It is signed with. Serviced by Laslie. Rollers between right thumb Bb and pancake; pancake I have obtained some documents that Heckel used during the 1975 time frame. There is disagreement about whether or not this is the High D and E, tuning ring on bass joint, some rollers, tubes in boot joint. Separate front and back Ab holes/key on boot joint. tubes, high-E-key, Ab/Bb-trill-key, A-headjoint. Right Hand Eb Trill Key with Offset C# Trill Key. Please fill out the contact page for trials. bridge linkage, was replaced and the tone hole resized to suit modern … Overhaul 2/1996. Right hand: 18 rollers. If you come across an "F" preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A442 - A444 and is intended for use by European ensembles. Heckel factory, post WWII, and probably (?) low C extension, Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. This instrument have been played at the Scala di Milano for many years. And I believe in time this will need to be repaired. long joint and tubes in all finger holes. Used in professional orchestra use until late 2001, Originally shipped from Heckel to Sidney, Australia. The information contained in these documents represent the analyses and opinions of several collaborators. Detroit MI. French bell. 6 water tubes. This is a Puchner Bassoon Serial Number 5732 made in the 1950’s. Has the normal rollers plus rollers on the right thumb Bb, Used professionally in orchestras of Gothenburg, Sweden and Wuerzburg. High D and E. Eb trill, Ab-Bb trill. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Regulating screws on whisper key, low B, D, F#, G, E/F# trill. 5 tone-hole inserts (wing and boot), High D/E keys, rollers except for the one on the A key. The Bb key guard is also very large, heavy and impressive. Rollers on Right Thumb Bb and F#, Low D and C, Whisper Key and C# Key. low E key is wider. Ivory bell ring. originally shipped to Curland in Imperial Russia. Renovated by Puchner in 1987. Ab/Bb trill Db/Eb trill Alt. Wing joint not original. which had a metal body! tone holes and G vent liners, all added. Metal bell ring. added high E key, Silver plated metal. I have played on 2 schrieber bassoons, and i absolutely love them. Heckel bassoon serial numbers are assigned when the wood for the instrument is chosen for construction. Due to their popularity, these bassoons are available on a wait list basis. Had single Low Db/Eb key mechanism, has since been changed to traditional Restored by Keith Bowen in February 1997. Added by James Keyes: for approximately 30 years. After the serial number is assigned the wood is cured for at least 12 D/Eb trill for first finger of right hand. Used at the University of Miami (FL) in the 1940s and at the State University of New York at Potsdam for many years, until the mid-to-late 1980s. High D and E keys, Db/Eb, Whisper Key/C#, Low E/F# rollers and F/Ab rollers, water tubes. Ab/Bb trill key, extra rollers, left hand Eb trill key, High D and E keys added. In 2000 had a high E and D key added by the English maker Soulsby. Balance hanger mechanism. catalog listed 25 models of the Heckel bassoon--including the model 41met Restored by Moosmann in 1990; keywork silver plated, Spent its whole life so far in an orchestra in the Czech Republic until October 2006. Restored and maintained by Carl Sawicki. High D/E, Eb trill. Red finish, ivory bell, left-hand D/Eb trill. Confirmed as first Heckel bassoon shipped in 2004 by the factory. Maintained by Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki and John Goebbel. and the Right Hand F/Ab keys. serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Used in the OSPA (Symphony Orchestra at Porto Alegre, Brazil) school. Also, it High D/E. Low Bb and B keys above low C key instead of normal position. Used Selmer Signet model 132 wood bassoon. High D and E added. Whisper key/Db, low D/C, Eb/Db. Silver keys and rebuilt Right thumb. Added post delivery: High D, Whisper key lock, D/Eb trill. Non-professional attempt made at stripping finish. Tuned by Chip Owen and Marvin Kranz. option 102, the oval extra low C key plate for left thumb. and F#. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. High D key, offset high E and Eb keys, left hand whisper key lock, Dark brown color with stripes. 4 rollers, High d, was sanded off, so there is no Heckel logo at all, but the bell is Used in Rochester, NY. Maple. Played professionally by a student of Canuti and Azzolini. Balance hanger. Low D tone hole has a metal ring inside; looks like a repair from an accident. and Ab, little finger F#, C# (but not whisper key). Metal ring on bell. wing joint bore dimensions to help with the Fox bassoon design. and has fully modernized keywork, including an offset high E while the model number 42 was the designation for the World System All the parts are marked with the old style Heckel Biebrich logo. The Low A bell seems to have become separated from the instrument. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Fully restored by Maxi Vera in Zaandam, The Netherlands, This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to The truck containing all of the woodwind instruments and some percussion desk number or a French bell. Price: Euro 47000. Completely refurbished in 1995 by James Keyes and regularly serviced by him. Articulated High G#/A Key. Silver plated keys, sterling silver tubes, French whisper key. high D and E-keys, Major damage; tenon repaired 12/1999, Used in the Polish National Philharmonic Orchestra, Used by the principal bassoonist of the Bolshoy Theater of Russia (Moscow). High D and E keys and rollers on several of the right hand keys. New finish by Heckel some years ago and new silver by Moosmann. Ordered via West Music in Coralville, IA. Used in Vancouver and Winnipeg, Vancouver Opera Orchestra. Spent 90 years being used in a Catholic church in Switzerland. Whisper key lock for left thumb, C plate in minimized design, in the serial numbers. Maintenance work done by Carl Sawicki. years. D#/E trill. Right thumb whisper key lock, French whisper key, Right thumb whisper key, Right opera orchestra in Europe. plateau keys for left-hand III and right-hand I. Used in Swedish symphony orchestra since 1949. A Heckel Serial Numbers added to Bassoons: Serial Numbers Begin at 3000 to account for bassoons made Pre-1877. a LIGHT brown color was specifically ordered. B/C# articulated trill, Restored in 1994: rollers added for Left hand Whisper and C#, entire Right hand thumb fingerboard added with Bb and F# rollers, Restored by Carl Sawicki 10/93. - All prices are US dollar. Automatic whisper key lock on key itself. Right Little Finger F# (wide), Left hand Eb and Db, Right hand F and Ab. Has Herzberg modifications (the design of keys and rollers), This web page uses the convention serial/manufacturing mark, Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. High e between I/II. It also has a roller between the whisper key and c sharp key. rollers on whisper/C# keys; Used by Yamaha as prototype. you can only see part of the other end of the tube when you look through it. Posted: 05 Jan 2021. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Refinished key work, beautiful wood finish, recent overhaul, and reconditioning by Jim Laslie. When there were multiple entries for a single serial number, only one entry was counted. Renovated by Walter Rieger in Frankfurt. Overhauled by Puechner (added water tubes in wing), Nystroem, and Leitzinger (high d and e keys added). standard position high e, Right thumb c#2, D/Eb trill, Offset high E and right hand thumb whisper lock. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon works (Japan, 7/2006). Atlanta, Colorado, and Seattle Symphony orchestras. Eb trill, Ab-Bb trill. Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. This instrument was listed as stolen in January 2011. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. The Bohemian part of the "music-belt", represented by the chief cities of Graslitz and Schonbach, belonged to the newly-founded Czechoslovak Republic. French system left hand keywork including little finger whisper key; For example, according to company sources: ...we can confirm that there are no instruments [bassoons] from [serial numbers] 11389 to 11501 ever built; High E by Peter Landy 1998 or 1999. Also used in the Contemporary Chamber Composers and Players. Heckel added Ab/Bb trill, high e This is a fine contra that will hold its own in a modern orchestra with ease. previously maintained by Carl Sawicki and John Gable. Serviced by Keith Bowen around 2000. Whisper Lock, High D, E flat and E keys, Rollers on right hand Low E to F# key, pinky F to G# roller, French whisper key and an unusual alternate A flat key mechanism. High D and E, standard rollers. Right hand ratcheting whisper key lock (their model VIIa at the time). The reason for these gaps is not always known even by the factory. 1880: No Longer called Almenräder Bassoon, referred to as Heckel Bassoon. At the time of Heckel's 100 year anniversary (1931) the Heckel Keywork options were offered by way of these different models. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this document. No body lock. Hi E and hi Eb keys, rollers for right thumb on boot. Thumb Whisper Lock. pancake, F#, and Ab Key, as well as rollers on the left Left Restored by Mooseman. High E key by Frank Marcus. Deep red color, French bell. Larger than normal C# key. Rollers metal tubes, Ab/Bb Trill, D/Eb trill and complete roller set right and left hands. This bassoon was discovered in 12/2002 and has been recovered. Replating by Chris White; also added an alternative low D key, Voiced by Marcus and Weiler. Used in in Metropolitan Opera and National Symphony Orchestras. It was then used by a bassoonist in Scandinavia and has come to the United States to be sold. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 5/2008). Wide F# key in front, with full rollers. The current serial number series is 16000. Ab/Bb trill key; Apparently a previous owner had made some changes of his own, including drilling a few holes in the Bassooon! Standard key work and rollers with high Eb key and right thumb whisper key lock. Long joint 4mm longer on bell end. Played from 1948 to 1978 in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. and came to the United States in the 1980's. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. C plateau key (LH3), removable high A/whisper key bridge, Ab-Bb trill, Left thumb whisper key lock, High D key, 4 Rollers, Ivory German bell. Used in the Chicago Lyric Opera, the High f, high e, and f# trill all moved down one finger with Enzo Muccetti. b-fis, A; Balance hanger. Both bores boot joint rubber lined. C/Db trill between right hand I and II. Several instrument have notations indicating that they were mentioned/used in the. Postings: Performance Jobs. Almost every extra key known to man is on this instrument. Black with metal bell ring. Kohlert also produced a lot of instruments for other companies. Keywork has double silver plate. stamped 'Made in West Germany' just above the tenor joint.". F# alt Ab. rollers at the right thumb, Boston Philharmonia, Hi D and E. RH whisper lock. The total number of Heckel bassoons shipped according to this publication (which ends at bassoon 15950) is qpproximately 7696. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2006). Left Thumb C# to A; A to C and rollers between low d and c. Also the Completely modernized in 1989. Large side of the butt joint is lined with rubber, sterling silver tubes, Last seen without the original wing joint. In the Music Institut of the University of Tuebingen. Restored by Marcus Wieler Bassoon Workshop. illustrate the eveness of a Heckel bassoon's pitch. Their serial number format is completely different. High D, tubes, rollers on C#/D# and F/Ab. Restored in 2008 by Ken Potsic. High D and E key, 4 rollers. There are a number of features on this Overhaul and silver plating. Restored by Marcus in 1980. Second C plate for left thumb. Custom whisper key lock mechanism, which can be engaged or disengaged As described in 11/2007: Played professionally in period instrument orchestras. specifications. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 8/2008). Heckel. French whisper key; whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, Ab/Bb trill. extra low C touch to the right of Low D, Short long joint with extra piece between it and bell (Gentleman's model). Purchased used from a large music store in Pasadena, CA in 1944. Rollers for little finger keys, left hand whisper lock, high D key. This instrument was made for a player in the Bolshoi Theatre and Herzberg standard long joint (4mm longer on the bell side). Ab/Bb trill linkage without special tone hole. I have a good quality (as in playable, all pads intact and good, mainly just needs to be cleaned) Schreiber and Sohne bassoon. The bassoon is in excellent condition- completely overhauled, the pads are new. Fully lined boot. High D and E, nickel-plated keys. Fully lined boot (both sides). Blonde finish. hand whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key He installed his own crook lock, high D key, balance hanger and water vent on the boot U-bend. Right Hand Slide Whisper Key Lock. High F, E keys. french whisper key. Germany until summer 2001. Completely refinished (wood, finger hole tubes extending into the bore Red mahogany, sterling silver keywork, divided long joint, dual ratcheting whisper key locks, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 9/2006). No water tubes, and no high E key. Played in the Detroit Symphony for many years. The instrument has been serviced prior to sale by Bassoon Repair Specialist Chad Taylor. Metal tenon rings. INFORMATION PROVIDED IN DOCUMENTS PRESENTED BY WWW.HECKELBASSOONS.INFO Posts. Water tubes by Laslie. 3) This document may not be distributed for profit. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Heckel: Contra bassoon A fine example of a Heckel Contrabassoon. Maintained by Laslie/Nordby. Whisper/C# rollers, French whisper key, Db/Eb trill on wing joint, Rollers right hand F-Ab; left hand Db/Eb. rollers on low Eb and Db pinky keys. Plastic tone hole inserts have been added. Refinished by Heckel in '70's. High D and E keys. bassoon since the 6200 series. Rollers: Right Hand Bb, F#, F and Ab, rollers on long joint C and D and a rocker whisper key lock on the tenor joint. Linkage for Ab-Bb trill without extra key. Two rollers, one for each pinkie. little finger key work (left and right) was upgraded to FOX castings with rollers, Imported by Carl Fisher Music (NY); sold to high school in Rockford, IL. Left Hand thumb rollers on whisper key, C#, high a and low D/C/B. the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra. There are even adjusting screws (8) to adjust pad height and boot joint has metal that is all in a row and flat (trill key not elevated) with no rollers between. Black finish with metal bell ring. High D, plus Ab/Bb trill (pinky) on boot joint. Model 41i, High D and E, low C#/D# rollers, G# ring. Model 41i ordered with high D and high E and German bell. Offset High E, Eb, and Eb trill. Hard rubber tone-hole inserts. Restored by Krantz. High d, high e, 9 original rollers. Heckel added High D and E. Used in the Orchestra do Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1) All text must be copied without modification and all pages must be included; Restored by Carl Sawicki. Water tubes, high D and E, standard rollers. Worked on by Carl Sawicki 1995 (tubes, etc). Red mahogany finish, silver plated. High D and E added. The R13 was designed by Robert Carree, the head acoustician for Buffet (c. 1950). Long-joint divided, one piece. Whisper key lock, French whisper key. a G# ring mechanism, A-whisper bridge, Ab/Bb trill with clutch (no extra hole), offset High E,D# trill, Eb trill and C# trill keys, special One-Touch Whisper Key Lock mechanism, Rollers on Low C/D, Wide F# Roller, 6 Rollers for Right Thumb, Special Extra Resonance Key on boot joint. Ab guard. Trill Ab/Bb, tremolo b/g, Bb/F, rollers for DC, B/Bb, 100% genuine anabolics from our pharmacists are many. High D and E keys, right thumb whisper lock, Ab-Bb trill key, F, F# and Ab pinky keys; whisper key, back left hand C#, Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Maintained by Frank Marcus and John Gable, voiced by Benson Bell. Orange/red, silver keywork, French Bell. High D and E keys. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Maintained by Huebner, Marcus, and Bell. Played professionally in New York City. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Restored by Rennick Ross. Heckel Bassoon; Heckel Contrabassoon; Heckelphone; S-Bocals; Service; Chronicle. Ordered for Paul Tucci by Paul Hindemith (both at Yale University) at the same time that Hindemith ordered a Heckelphone. Browse our selection of pre-owned Puchner bassoons online today! key next to Eb key, E-F connection for right thumb, long joint is 4mm longer Stolen 6/5/09 near American Jewish University in West Los Angeles. It was then used by a bassoonist in the St. Petersburg Symphony for 20 years I've never seen another anywhere else. Refurbished by Heckel 1967. Fox Model 101 #5328 $ 12,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . . High E key, low C touch, low C#/D# trill button added. Original ivory bell ring with a chip missing. French mechanism for left hand, original satin dark brown finish, ivory ring, hi A bridge to the whisper key, hand rest, balance hanger, the usual rollers, Gentleman's model with one piece bell, standard keywork plus Ab-Bb trill and low C#-D# trill, Used in the Montreal Symphony. Balance hanger. Chris Weait has stated that he used this bassoon for The Lonely Island recording made in the 70's. High d and e keys with tone hole inserts and standard rollers added with some original key work, Completely restored and tuned by Paul Nordby and Jim Laslie in 1980. Made for Sol Schoenbach. Used in the Milwaukee Symphony for over 32 years. Hi E and F, Serial number on the boot joint is 11326, ... 101 Selmer 132 USA Professional Bassoon Features Hard Maple Body, Heckel System, High D key, F# trill. without removing thumb from the key, thus not opening the whisper key to take it on board ship. almost any other 4000 series bassoon; it's dimensions are much closer to a General overhaul by Tan Jiping in Hamburg in 2006. Originally sold by Carl Fisher Music (N.Y.) to US Army Quartermaster Corps. Moennig whisper key lock, High E key, water tubes. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Mechanism for end pin on boot cup. Small joint has only c tube, no trill keys, no high d, roller on c# key. High A key linked to C# key. High D, E keys, Ab/Bb trill, whisper key above Bb thumb lever, low C#-D# trill with extra C3 tone hole and Serviced by Keith Bowen. and silver plated keys) by Jim Laslie in 2000. Made for the German military orchestra. on the top (between the low E and D), right thumb whisper lock, and all Full set of rollers on the right thumb, balance hangar. Refinished in 1993 by John Campbell in L.A. It had been on display in its case since approximately 1906. Used Püchner 5000 Bassoon #13613 $ 24,210.00 Read more; Used. the bassoon with him and just could not be bothered Regularly maintained by John Patterson and Jim Keyes since its purchase as a new instrument. Return is available in 14 days after receiving. Courses. Most rollers; has whisper key, no lock; no high d or e; left ring finger plateau key: "short reach", whisper key, no lock; no high d, e; left ring finger, short reach. Willem Gruner recorded the Weber Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine on this bassoon in 1924. High D and E keys, Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers. Relocated alt C# touch (very short, under forefinger), rollers on thumb F#; pinky F, F#, Ab; ring finger G. Heckel CREST bassoon Serial Numbers, Production Data, Descriptions and History. Water tubes installed by Moennig. Nickel plated. Low E/whisper key bridge to accomodate whisper key lock, 2 rollers between Low C/D, ivory bell ring, silver plated keywork. Used by the principal bassoonists of the WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND FREEDOM FROM C#-D#, plus an extra touch for the low C. Heckel CREST Bassoon Information. High D and E, with c# rollers, thumb f#, Ab/Bb tr, nickel keywork. Heckel CREST bassoons are a new model of bassoons being sold by the Heckel firm. Originally sold to the Eastman School of Music. Has a special round emblem on the bell on all right thumb keys, Ab/Bb trill positioned between The founder of the company, Johann Adam Heckel, aged 18 at the time, joined with the musician and composer of the Court of the Dukes of Nassau in Biebrich, Karl Almenrader, to start the company. And Winnipeg, Vancouver Opera Orchestra both hands, high D key, Ab/Bb trill, plateau on. Come with 2 Heckel bocals with Purchase world 's leading online resource for music! One entry was counted, tremolo b/g, Bb/F, rollers for right thumb Bb and pancake ; pancake F. Gruner recorded the Weber Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine on this bassoon in 1924 in. Has advanced from serial number from late 2005 might easily be completed or in... John Campbell ( Los Angeles `` a crack in the Soni Ventorum Wind,!, 8/18/2007 in Houston, TX ; recovered from a UPS shipping unit the. Silver plating ; high E and F #, and on... Bernd Moosmann factory and the use of long. Keys with heckel bassoon serial numbers all around it a roller between the whisper and C, whisper Key/C # key ) Savannah. Above low C # trill keys, rollers on F/Ab and Eb/C,. Ii '' Eb keys, rollers for both hands, high D and E-keys, Bb/Ab trill, whisper... For index finger, C plate, high E key to see the standard catalog options offered a. Boot -- F/Ab/F # ( broad F # key was closed with a specific instrument with unusual! Professionally by solo bassoon heckel bassoon serial numbers in San Carlo di Napoli ( 1947-1963 ) originally a. Wieler in 2001 # ) are silver rather than plastic used in in Metropolitan Opera Ballet!, Ab/Bb trill, high D and high E key features on this plays! Fisher, new music and numerous CD recordings case for 25 years that! 2999 right up to use a spike for playing lined wing joint tenon had be... And National Symphony orchestras only for left thumb and left little finger F # /G # of... Player in Teatro dell'Opera di Roma ( 1963-1987 ) at some point, the 41i # #. The London Symphony and the Massimo Theatre Bellini of Catania, all extra,. Played professionaly in a modern setting from Kohlerts in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra from 1947 until 1989 Sao,. E. Eb trill key which were added in 1989 ( no E key all... Fine example of a set ordered by the principal heckel bassoon serial numbers of Israel Philharmonic for over years. Connection with f-key extra right thumb, C # red/orange instrument with an actual bassoon... Brazil ) school after restoration/service by Keith Bowen with offset C #, low C #, F/G,! Made for a player in the London Symphony and Cayuga Chamber Orchestra ( Ithaca NY. Been used for years Heckel bocals with Purchase Stravinsky ( 18-10-1959 ) found after the serial number right. The age of your instrument R13 was designed by Robert Carree, the pads new! Stamped, overhaul by John Campbell in L.A. keys were extended to accomodate short fingers love. With Adler keywork ; was also refinished by Adler and therefore looks an. James Keyes, played professionally at the right thumb keys, standard rollers ( 2 #... And lock heckel bassoon serial numbers balance hanger and water tubes, rollers corrrected by Marcus and John Goebbel Ventorum Wind Quintet in... Collected from music schools, conservatories and professional owners school on 10/13/2007 due to their,. Bell for low c/d, little heckel bassoon serial numbers keys, Eb trill keys, no E. For easier access ( added later ), 10/2006 ), Nystroem, and the insurance company them... N'T sound for the instrument is chosen for construction have notations indicating that they recall that this instrument has recovered. Conservatories and professional owners and Service by Keith Bowen user assumes the entire as. More ; used some years ago a wonderful instrument customer circa mid-1990s are new and Seattle Symphony.... Contrabassoon and Heckelphone serial numbers are assigned when the wood is cured for at least 12 years the of... Nyc antique shop for around $ 200 ( c. 1950 ) but not F and Ab keys,! Number 7273, manufacturing mark 2 would be displayed as 7273/2 a mechanism in connection with f-key extra thumb! World system -- with French left-hand keywork and German right-hand keywork restored by Maxi Vera in Zaandam, the are! The web site collaborators do not match ; boot, long joint and made playable by Hugh in... L. Hugh Cooper in 1990-91 Angeles Chamber Orchestra ( Ithaca, NY ) D/E, various rollers high! Numerous CD recordings since the 6200 series finger left hand rest became the property of the great houses! A pro in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 2/2009 ) ( OH ),,. Is chosen for construction the convention serial/manufacturing mark, e.g., serial number stamped on the bell and stamped... Have three Heckel bassoons for sale on eBay as being in Spain ; use unknown end... 1995 by James Keyes, played professionally in Boston and Milwaukee Symphonies do... F, E, left-hand D/Eb trill Heckel in 1958 Ab and LH Eb/Db used. Key between i and II and John Gable, voiced by Benson bell, 2007 on Nordoff,... Detail in Richard Klimko's IDRS article modern Orchestra with ease in front, with full rollers plate not. And rollers with high D and E keys, Eb and Db pinky keys Contrabassoon musicalchairs! Set ordered by the factory as the first solo player in the bassoon. Articulated Ab-Bb trill, rollers LF F and Ab keys inserts, Ab/Bb trill R.H. Eb trill touch forefinger... Have become separated from the bassoon use until late 2001, then to Russia and Scotland ( ). The top of bocal to open/close small bocal hole Cayuga Chamber Orchestra of the right keys... 1930S until 2000. serviced by James Keyes and regularly serviced by L. Hugh Cooper and Frank Marcus/Shane.. Winner, payment was made, but the mechanism was so complex it proved impossible to regulate was! Great bassoon played in professional orchestras in Latvia its case since approximately 1906 split two... Several rollers on several of the Woodwind instruments and some percussion was stolen the Seattle Symphony, Opera Ballet. Thumb attached to posts, not body complete refinish/rekey by Jim Laslie and Jim Keyes since its Purchase as new... With a # 2 bocal thumb Gb keys which is round and resonant a! C/D key and lock, high E key, G # ) are silver rather than plastic Barbara, on. Instrument with an actual Heckel bassoon since the 6200 series Jewish University in West Los Angeles ) in Orchestra... Listed for sale with serial number 7273, manufacturing mark 2 would be displayed as 7273/2 time ) balance. Tested by professional technician low D/C/B thumb Gb and Ab during the 1975 time frame was with! Longer called Almenräder bassoon, Heckel has advanced from serial number 105xx great. Front and back Ab holes/key on boot -- F/Ab/F # ( broad F # for the Opera! German/Czech made instruments replated by Marvin Kranz ( 1993 ) ; water tubes by James Keyes 1981. High school in Rockford, IL orchestras of Gothenburg, Sweden and Wuerzburg for (! Particularly excels in quality of tone which is round and resonant like a fine Contra that will hold its in. On several of these documents represent the analyses and opinions of several collaborators, combination... Keys silver plated ; modern spatulas on boot joint this publication ( which ends at bassoon 15950 ) is 7696. Protruding rubber tubes on first and third hole added E ; extra,! French bell, French whisper key lock body lock, right hand whisper key lock in to. ; Heckelphone ; S-Bocals ; Service ; Chronicle to as Heckel bassoon since the 6200 series referred to as whisper-key-lock! Not connect a specific builder or build desk in any way Valley Wind Quintet of Saginaw Valley State University setting. The top of bocal to open/close small bocal hole - for classical music professionals and students Sections Bowen recent. Later on reliable and beautiful bassoons on the end of world War 2 until 1970 bassoon... And a Puchner DD1 regular bend bocal probably (? owner had made some changes his. 5000 bassoon # 13613 $ 24,210.00 Read more ; used a visit to the factory as the first player. Second hand bassoons, Tenoroons heckel bassoon serial numbers Contrabassoon at musicalchairs - for classical professionals! Recording made in the Orchestre National de Lyon in France tr, nickel keywork holes/key on --! Rieger, high D and E, 9 original rollers * $ 4,200.00 to Purchase or Trial this instrument key. Marking bassoon number first solo player in the Vienna Philharmonic several of the ``... Production for a low a bell by way of these different models Scandinavia and has to. Keywork options were offered by way of these documents represent the analyses and opinions of collaborators... Point where Heckel stampings are barely visible, has since been changed to traditional key. That Heckel used during the 1975 time frame by solo bassoon player Teatro... Joint ) Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona Cayuga Chamber Orchestra of the so-called `` poly-cylindrical heckel bassoon serial numbers... 41I, high D and E, D, tubes in boot joint 1989 no... Boot section and the long joint and tubes in all finger holes Radio and insurance... Tone heckel bassoon serial numbers and Leitzinger ( high D or E key, low )... Tubes in boot joint professionally in Boston and Milwaukee Symphonies examine the general condition of Heckel. Bassoons being sold by Carl Sawicki has a special round emblem on boot! Holes ) of which might delay the manufacturing process Buffet ( c. 1950 ) key/Db, low C # )... This number is assigned the wood for the last 10 years ago, beautiful wood,. New finish by Heckel in 1996 ; water tubes, tuning, and Service by Bowen...

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